Career, Education and Small Business Experts Give Their Advice For Parents Who Want To Help Guide Their Young Adults Towards Life/Work Success

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FutureProof PaperbackIn “Future-Proof Careers: Expert Advice To Help You Guide Your Young Adult Towards Life/Work Success”, I reveal the top tips and advice that leading experts in the area of careers, education and small business have for parents and youth who want to create life/work success in a fast-changing world. After speaking with these experts, I’ve distilled their advice into one easy to use and ACTIONABLE handbook that will help you understand the impact of the changes we’ve all been experiencing so you can create more success in your own career – and become an effective role model and advisor for your children.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why our traditional ideas of ‘job security’ are a myth – and where job security today REALLY comes from,
  • Why we need to stop arguing about whether to follow our heads or our hearts and get down to the business of career exploration,
  • Why failure isn’t just important – it’s CRITICAL
  • Why parents and educators absolutely NEED to figure out and use social media, and
  • The 5 questions we all need to answer for ourselves in order to move towards life/work success!

You’ll learn that despite the recent changes in the economy and the ‘world of work’, creating life/work success for ourselves and our kids isn’t as difficult as our current struggles make it seem. Find out more: Grab your copy right here!

Get 5 Bonus Interviews With These Career, Education & Small Business Experts